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The Thrift Ring ($85.00)

AK Wears Things
I see thrift shopping as an activist movement. Fight back against the fashion establishment’s apathy towards their repulsive impact on our environment. Through the discovery of personal style, I equip my community with the confidence to shop their closets first, then prowl the aisles of a thrift store to pull together a particular look, rather than head to the mall or shop online with fast fashion brands. I see that thrift shopping is also a kismet, serendipitous act, knowing that a piece you’re yearning for is out there waiting for you. It teaches us patience and gratitude. Made entirely from recycled materials, my pieces embody the rock and roll lifestyle with a nod to my love of secondhand style. (more)
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The Thrift RingThe Thrift Ring
AK Wears Things
The Thrift Ring
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