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Metal Chain Belt ($10.90)

Summer Beads Belly Chain ($9.90)

Show yourself, and slay the world!
Elva King
Elva King, is the jewelry brand with my big dream. And the slogan" Show yourself, slay the world." is my original intention to create this brand. I hope all the beautiful people can show their inner beauty and confidence. Our brand focuses on waist chains and all kinds of jewelry with delicate making. We will continue to innovate and make more and more amazing designs. As a jewelry designer myself, I like charming and beautiful things, my design concept is to combine nature, confidence and self-reliance. I want everyone who wears my jewelry to be confident and to show their inner strength anytime and anywhere. (more)
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Metal Chain BeltMetal Chain Belt
Elva King
Metal Chain Belt
Summer Beads Belly ChainSummer Beads Belly Chain
Elva King
Summer Beads Belly Chain