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Huggies with Blue Sapphire Baguette Drop ($650.00)

Eriness Jewelry
Born and raised in booming Los Angeles, designer Erin Sachse was constantly surrounded by creative minds. Her mother served as her primary source of creative inspiration, always challenging her to look inward in order to develop her own artistic visions. As Erin’s style evolved, she scoured the market for playful accessories she could wear everyday until she realized that the aesthetic she sought did not exist. She then decided to make the unique jewelry she had dreamed up herself. With humble beginnings as a side-project during her formative high school years, she went on to launch the first iteration of Eriness Jewelry out of her college dorm room. After continuously being stopped on the street by admiring passersby who were curious about her adornments, she decided to pursue this creative endeavor full-time. In 2015 she transitioned into fine jewelry and re-launched Eriness, combining diamonds and colorful gemstones to create an elegant and playful balance inspired by the everyday, modern, and empowered woman. Eriness Jewelry is happy jewelry. Known for our use of vibrant colors and sparkly diamonds, Eriness strives to uplift and inspire women to have fun with their accessories. Designer Erin Sachse always considers how the jewelry can be layered together or layered with your most precious family heirlooms. Almost every Eriness piece can be made to order in any color gemstone in either yellow, rose, or white gold within 5 weeks. We take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail, and our jewelry is made not only to last a lifetime, but to be passed down for generations to come. These jewels have been famously spotted on icons such as Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Obama - tastemakers who encapsulate the empowered Eriness woman. (more)
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Huggies with Blue Sapphire Baguette DropHuggies with Blue Sapphire Baguette Drop
Eriness Jewelry
Huggies with Blue Sapphire Baguette Drop