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The Unisexy Top ($250.00)

The Petite Flirt Top ($175.00)

Jijou Paris
Made for you By Gigi Paris (@msgigiparis)
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Jijou Paris Q&A
Why did you start this brand?

Jijou is an all inclusive brand that merges comfort with style. Established in 2020, all of our pieces are locally made and sourced in Los Angeles, California. We keep things simple with our classic silhouettes referencing a timeless era and exuding a carefree confidence from within. Due to our sand washed fabric, every piece is machine washable leaving the environment a little happier and your dry cleaning bills to a minimum. Feel free to wear, share, and take care!

The Unisexy TopThe Unisexy Top
Jijou Paris
The Unisexy Top
The Petite Flirt TopThe Petite Flirt Top
Jijou Paris
The Petite Flirt Top