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Beaded Coin Necklace ($375.00)

Emerald Single Leaf Ring ($710.00)

Emerald Vashon Ring ($635.00)

Neko Ring ($520.00)

Perfect Hoops ($380.00)

Juliet M Jewelry
Emily Denyer, a talented artist from a young age, lives in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest, constantly draws inspiration from the lush native landscape of forest and sea, along with her travels through America, Eastern Europe and the UK. "As a young child my parents would buy gemstones when they traveled out of the country. My mother brought me back an oval emerald from the Caribbean, which is my birthstone. While I was only ten at the time, she told me I could design it into anything I wanted for my sixteenth birthday and saved it as my ‘coming of age’ present. Once I turned sixteen, I designed a ring with 2 round diamonds accenting the emerald. I remember talking to the jeweler and drawing the ring, it was the first time I saw a design in my head come to life in a piece of fine jewelry. I felt empowered, alive, and very special."- Emily Denyer Craftsmanship is a cornerstone part of the Juliet M brand; each piece is handmade by a skilled team of master jewelers working out of the Pacific Northwest. With a dedication to quality and timeless design, the Juliet M brand strives to build personal heirloom collections for its exceptional clientele. The Juliet M brand embraces a feminine aesthetic to honor the ease and elegance of the way women dress and adorn themselves today. The Juliet M's discerning clientele love whimsical fine jewelry that exudes glamour and have a strong sense of personal style. Each piece is an elegant treasure to be cherished by the wearer for a lifetime, and passed down to loved ones as an precious heirloom. Jewelry is not only a means of self-expression but also a precious, tangible object that represents our memories. When someone buys a piece of fine jewelry, it usually marks a moment in their life that adds to their story. Juliet M has been praised by the press for design in jewelry blogs such as Made of Jewelry and editorial publications such as WWD. (more)
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Beaded Coin NecklaceBeaded Coin Necklace
Juliet M Jewelry
Beaded Coin Necklace
Emerald Single Leaf RingEmerald Single Leaf Ring
Juliet M Jewelry
Emerald Single Leaf Ring
Sold Out
Emerald Vashon RingEmerald Vashon Ring
Juliet M Jewelry
Emerald Vashon Ring
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Neko RingNeko Ring
Juliet M Jewelry
Neko Ring
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Perfect HoopsPerfect Hoops
Juliet M Jewelry
Perfect Hoops
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