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grounding warrior bracelet FOR HER ($120.00)

THE DESIGNER ABOUT HARVINDER ALTHOUGH SHE WAS BORN IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, RAISED IN CANADA, AND NOW LIVES IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, HARVINDER HAS ALWAYS BEEN DEEPLY INTERESTED IN HER INDIAN HERITAGE. AS A CHILD, SHE WAS DAZZLED BY HER GRANDFATHER’S ACCOUNTS OF 19TH CENTURY PUNJAB, WHICH WAS EXPERIENCING A PERIOD OF RENAISSANCE. KAURA JEWELS WAS CONCEIVED IN 2012 FROM HARVINDER’S FASCINATION WITH WEAPONRY & ARMOUR FROM THIS BYGONE ERA. SHE CONNECTED SO DEEPLY WITH THE SYMBOLISM OF PROTECTION AND STRENGTH IN THE ARMOUR, IT IMMEDIATELY AWAKENED HER INNER-WARRIOR. HARVINDER DEVELOPED AN ABILITY TO WORK WITH HER HANDS AS AN ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANT. AFTER COMPLETING A METALSMITHING COURSE IN 2008, SHE BEGAN APPLYING THIS SKILL TO JEWELRY MANUFACTURE AND NEVER LOOKED BACK. HARVINDER’S SPIRIT EXTENDS INTO EACH PIECE SHE CREATES WITH THE HOPE OF HELPING OTHERS MOVE THROUGH THEIR OWN MOMENTS OF INNER-STRUGGLE TO A PLACE OF ILLUMINATION OR HEALING. I believe our capacity to experience love and wisdom is available to us, even during our darkest moments. I created Kaura Jewels at a time when I was seeking inner strength and courage. My Gurmukhi name Kaur, represents warrior princess. The creation of the jewels became medicine for my own soul. Inspired from Indian traditional armory from a bygone era, my pieces serves as a bold reminder that we are powerful beyond measure, and that our self-worth, our light is ever-present.” Each of the pieces when worn, is intended to magnify our inner-knowing and radiate our potential. Together (Kaur + -aura), KAURA JEWELS honors and celebrates each of us just as we are. (more)
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grounding warrior bracelet FOR HERgrounding warrior bracelet FOR HER
grounding warrior bracelet FOR HER