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Large Oval Link Chain ($550.00)

Diamond Pave Letter Charm ($250.00)

KIMPI Jewelry
At KIMPI Jewelry, we aim to create unique jewelry entrenched with powerful meaning and messages. Our focus is a luxurious line that speaks to its procurement specialists, the customer, in order to shift one’s focus, redirect energy, or provide uplifting qualities that transform and inspire. We only use 14k gold and authentic gemstones so that pieces remain attainable, while having everlasting qualities. Taking the time to source quality artisans based in the U.S. that take their craft seriously is one of our highly valued pillars; Therefore, each coin contains intricate detail that is put together, meticulously, by hand. Our name is derived from the Old English Surname: Kempe/Cempe [Old English]: warrior or champion, protector Because every woman is a warrior All of our stones are ethically sourced and naturally produced by Mother Earth KIMPI Jewelry focuses on unique, artisan made, 14k medallions that carry significance and meaning. The pieces can be worn every day and the price points remain critically competitive. (more)
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Large Oval Link ChainLarge Oval Link Chain
KIMPI Jewelry
Large Oval Link Chain
Diamond Pave Letter CharmDiamond Pave Letter Charm
KIMPI Jewelry
Diamond Pave Letter Charm