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Bella Small Jeu De Paume Bracelet ($850.00)

Larkspur & Hawk
Since 2008, Emily Satloff, Larkspur & Hawk’s founder, has married antique inspirations with a thoroughly modern sensibility, designing jewels with a timeless beauty. A lifelong scholar of art and design, Emily’s graduate studies in the history of decorative arts at both Sotheby’s and the Cooper-Hewitt led to her to museum curatorial work. Working in this field gave Emily an intimate knowledge of and deep appreciation for historical objects, spanning a breadth of periods and media only available in a museum setting. Through her work with antiques, Emily developed an avid interest in jewelry. She began to build her own collection of esoteric jewels from the past, items such as cut-steel, jet, and paste. “It was endlessly exciting to me because researching jewelry was really no different from the research I conducted for museums, with the added perk of being able to wear a piece of history!” It didn’t take long for people to start taking note of Emily’s collection, enquiring where they could find such treasures. Soon enough, the first iteration of Larkspur & Hawk was born, with Emily dealing a range of antique jewelry that bore her singular taste for oft-overlooked art from bygone eras. I grew up surrounded by antiques; they were very much a part of my childhood. My mother always collected Americana and folk art, so I went to many antique shows and auction houses. That was the beginning of my passion for art and for objects that have a story and history. (more)
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Bella Small Jeu De Paume BraceletBella Small Jeu De Paume Bracelet
Larkspur & Hawk
Bella Small Jeu De Paume Bracelet