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Aphrodite Corset ($85.00)

Nike Corset ($75.00)

Clio Corset ($65.00)

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Last Gen
Hi! You've made it somewhere utterly precious to me. For the last two and a half years, Last Gen has been my muse and my world. In 2020, I became obsessed with the idea for a clothing brand that sat at the intersection of art and fashion. I wanted each piece to feel uniquely inspired by previous periods and artistic moments in history, but modernized and powerful, reimagined with the diverse faces typically unseen in classic "high art" throughout the centuries in mind. Equally important to me was that this brand was self-owned. Because Last Gen doesn’t sit in the pocket of a wealthy benefactor, we're not perfect. We certainly have room to grow and expand and improve, and through hard work hope to do it with you! Luckily, this is a brand that truly belongs to us - ultimately a pitstop for passionate people to celebrate fashion and expression. I want you all to feel special and connected and fucking sexy when you wear these clothes. You're the art at the end of the day. This is just the beginning, baby! xx Snitchery, but call me Eleanor (more)
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Aphrodite CorsetAphrodite Corset
Last Gen
Aphrodite Corset
Nike CorsetNike Corset
Last Gen
Nike Corset
Clio CorsetClio Corset
Last Gen
Clio Corset