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Structured One ($400.00)

Structured Creole M ($1,200.00)

Sevens Earrings ($630.00)

Wrist Line ($1,090.00)

Fives Earrings ($490.00)

Structured One Broad ($515.00)

Structured Creole L ($1,490.00)

Nines Earrings ($760.00)

Structured Creole S ($1,030.00)

The Line ($2,450.00)

Three Rows ($2,000.00)

Lilian Von Trapp
Growing up in Berlin surrounded by intellectuals and scientists, Lilian’s path was very much pre-determined early on, leading her to visit law school primarily to satisfy her family’s expectations. However, instead of continuing to become a lawyer, Lilian decided to no longer make compromises in regards to her future and to follow her heart to fashion. After spending some years working in the industry, her true calling found her when she inherited jewellery from her mother and used the materials to design her own pieces. Lilian von Trapp’s strong stance for her own and every woman’s individuality is noticeable in all of her creations and her designs form a stylistic outlet for constantly evolving moods, characters and aspirations. Lilian von Trapp began designing through upcycling inherited gold and diamond jewellery. By channelling the original heritage of these materials into minimalist pieces, Lilian creates timeless luxury with a conscious heart, a philosophy that builds the foundation of the brand. Her designs are defined by clear lines that can be combined or adapted to suit both everyday and special occasion looks. Materials are carefully curated by Lilian and her team and all pieces of jewellery are handcrafted by master artisans in Germany under regulated fair labour conditions, making every one of her creations unique, beautiful and ethical. (more)
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Structured OneStructured One
Lilian Von Trapp
Structured One
Structured Creole MStructured Creole M
Lilian Von Trapp
Structured Creole M
Sevens EarringsSevens Earrings
Lilian Von Trapp
Sevens Earrings
Wrist LineWrist Line
Lilian Von Trapp
Wrist Line
Fives EarringsFives Earrings
Lilian Von Trapp
Fives Earrings
Structured One BroadStructured One Broad
Lilian Von Trapp
Structured One Broad
Structured Creole LStructured Creole L
Lilian Von Trapp
Structured Creole L
Nines EarringsNines Earrings
Lilian Von Trapp
Nines Earrings
Structured Creole SStructured Creole S
Lilian Von Trapp
Structured Creole S
The LineThe Line
Lilian Von Trapp
The Line
Three RowsThree Rows
Lilian Von Trapp
Three Rows