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Mini Arrow Stud ($120.00)

X Necklace ($210.00)

Trillion Floating Necklace ($325.00)

Lizzie Mandler
Immersed in the world of fine jewelry since the age of 16, LA native, Lizzie Mandler is inspired by the intrinsic sentimental value of fine jewelry and its ability to transpose a deeper and more personal story. Lizzie pursued her education at a private jewelry school in Santa Monica and in Florence, Italy and founded Lizzie Mandler Fine Jewelry in 2012. Lizzie Mandler Fine Jewelry is a modern luxury brand that embodies a lindear and architectural aestheic with an emphasis on fine materials and quality craftsmanship. The collection is inspired by the idea that fine jewelry is forever, and her designs strive to surpass trends and seasons. Lizzie's goal is to create jewelry that becomes and extension of the wearer, an inherent part of one's narrative. Each piece is handcrafted in Downtown, Los Angeles. (more)
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Mini Arrow StudMini Arrow Stud
Lizzie Mandler
Mini Arrow Stud
X NecklaceX Necklace
Lizzie Mandler
X Necklace
Trillion Floating NecklaceTrillion Floating Necklace
Lizzie Mandler
Trillion Floating Necklace