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Laetitia V2 ($4,340.00)

Laetitia V1 ($2,550.00)

Danae V1 ($2,970.00)

Cressida V1 ($3,680.00)

Cressida V2 ($4,720.00)

Athena V1 ($13,130.00)

Chloris V1 ($9,840.00)

Laetitia V3 ($2,720.00)

Nyx V1 ($2,240.00)

Aura V1 ($2,490.00)

Theia V1 ($3,180.00)

To celebrate personal style with versatile designs coming together in infinite combinations to reflect and enhance individual expression.
The exceptionally elegant diamond bridal and fashion jewelry aesthetic of LAURENCE BRUYNINCKX Antwerp (LX) was created to reflect the lifestyle of today's modern woman. Designed by Antwerp-based Royal Academy of Fine Arts fashion design graduate Laurence Bruyninckx, LX captures her vision of self-expression through the innovative use of exquisite gemstones and high-quality precious metals. Inspired by a lifelong passion for travel, art and design LX creations merge refined European luxury with impeccable craftsmanship and contemporary design sensibilities. LX Collections feature an ingenious system of complementary ring designs that create endless possibilities for customization with magnificent jewels and timeless styles that let every woman tell a story in her own special way. It's an exciting opportunity for creative expression allowing the wearer to honor life's memorable milestones and the people who matter the most. Because each love, each unforgettable moment is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, one's ring should be too. LX makes that possible by capturing the essence of self-expression and reshaping the art of wearing jewelry. After all, women love options (and men don't want to make mistakes!). LX is the perfect solution for both. LAURENCE BRUYNINCKX Antwerp (LX) embodies The Art of Self-Expression with versatile proprietary designs that magically come together in infinite combinations. The revolutionary LX design is unique – characterized by an inventive way of combining rings that easily nest and stack together in harmony: dazzling diamonds, vivid colored gemstones, settings, styles and shapes that define, reflect and symbolize love and connectivity. With refreshing originality, the possibilities for personal customization are endless – and as individual as the wearer. The LX Ring Finder App makes it easy to envision stunning one-of-a-kind looks that reflect emotions, portray individual style or simply capture a mood. Only the distinctive LX Collections allow a wearer to truly become an integral part of the design process by creating their perfect dream stack – mixing and matching wedding and fashion rings and combining bands, guards and center stones to create the ultimate statement about life and love. By celebrating individuality and creatively enhancing choice LX naturally resonates with today's woman savvy about fashion and jewelry. What better way to tell her beautiful story? (more)
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Laetitia V2Laetitia V2
Laetitia V2
Laetitia V1Laetitia V1
Laetitia V1
Danae V1Danae V1
Danae V1
Cressida V1Cressida V1
Cressida V1
Cressida V2Cressida V2
Cressida V2
Athena V1Athena V1
Athena V1
Chloris V1Chloris V1
Chloris V1
Laetitia V3Laetitia V3
Laetitia V3
Nyx V1
Nyx V1
Aura V1Aura V1
Aura V1
Theia V1
Theia V1