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Mushroom Design Daily Multivitamin ($39.99)

Soft Smiley Crop ($70.00)

Mushroom Design
Mushroom Design is the first of its kind daily vitamin + mushroom supplement that is eco-friendly and backed by science.
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Mushroom Design Q&A
Why did you start this brand?

Mushroom Design is a nutraceutical mushroom brand that inspires a better quality of life for humans everywhere. Our supplements are sourced directly and sustainably from nature—and only if they meet our founders’ sky-high standards. With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and wellness space, we knew that it was time to change the dosage and delivery methods of mushrooms.

What makes your brand unique?

We’re the first to admit it: the supplement world is confusing. Are we getting enough? Are we getting too much? Do we need 1 pill… or 21? So we went back to the basics. Nature already provided the ideal ingredients. Our job was to discover the most efficacious formulation. After years of researching and reformulating, our experts gave the multivitamin a much-needed makeover: 9 immune-boosting* mushrooms paired with 9 cell-regenerating* vitamins that work together to help support and protect your body—without overdosing.

What are your brand values?

Mushroom Design was built on the desire to do better and do more—which sometimes means doing less. Less carbon output. Less waste. Less fake stuff. We’re committed to creating a first-class product, but only if our planet comes first.

Mushroom Design Daily MultivitaminMushroom Design Daily Multivitamin
Mushroom Design
Mushroom Design Daily Multivitamin
Soft Smiley CropSoft Smiley Crop
Mushroom Design
Soft Smiley Crop