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Moly Pearl Stud Earrings ($199.00)

Jasmine & the Phoenix Fine Jewelry
Jewellery is no longer just an accessory; I see it as an extension of one’s emotional and personal expression. I design and make jewellery for those seeking distinct and bespoke quality pieces. I was a jewellery enthusiast before becoming a jewellery designer myself. I hated wearing the same pieces as everyone else. While working in supply chain management, gradually I come to realize that my biggest passion is in creating things, eventually I took the courage to study for an advanced diploma in Jewellery and Object design. This has been an amazing journey, and one of the most wonderful things I have ever done. Creating each new piece is like creating a new life and recreating myself. I love to explore different aesthetic philosophies, some of my collections are very much minimalist, others may be Art Deco, and some collections wave an aesthetic of old-world charm such as Victorian, Byzantine, or Etruscan with the energy and insights of the new world. The most enjoyable moment in life as a jeweller is to get feedback from customers telling me how much they love the piece and the renewed feelings and discoveries of themselves which the piece inspire them of, as well as the jewellery piece functions as a wonderful ice breaker to enable a conversation. As a jewellery designer I feel lucky that I am based in Australia. Australia is a miracle land with the world’s most stunning nature wonders and abundant precious materials for creating fine jewellery. Inspire by Australian landscapes and nature as well old world history heritage: picturesque beaches, marine life, unique fauna and flora , contemporary art, I love adopting traditionally jewellery techniques such as filigree, granulation, repousse, Keum-Boo, chisel inlay etc into my designs to create pieces which is timeless and at the same time stylistic. I love using natural colour gems, particularly pearls, and gems unique to the land of Australia: opal, sapphires, pink diamond, and brown diamond in my designs. I believe natural gems are essence of earth they help to build connection with the universe and channel positive energy. As a professionally trained jeweller I have a relentless pursuit for superb craftsmanship. I create every piece as an heirloom and expect every piece to last for generations. In my pieces, it may be mobile? But each element is fixed. It may be Innovative? the stylistic codes are reaffirmed. It may be minimalist? But it involves complex savoir-faire. It may be spiky? But it is soft to the touch. It may be geometric? But it is generously sized and feminine. It may be mechanical? But it is with free movement, It may be resonating? But it is without a sound. (more)
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Moly Pearl Stud EarringsMoly Pearl Stud Earrings
Jasmine & the Phoenix Fine Jewelry
Moly Pearl Stud Earrings