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Face Wash - Citrus ($15.00)

Beauty Oil - Sage ($25.00)

Hand Sanitizer - Peppermint ($15.00)

Plaine Products
EVERY PIECE OF PLASTIC THAT HAS EVER BEEN MADE STILL EXISTS. Think about that. Then know that globally, we produce 300 million tons of plastic waste every year, 78 percent of which is NOT reclaimed or recycled. That’s a lot of plastic. Founded by two sisters, Lindsey and Alison Delaplaine, Plaine Products began with a dream to have less plastic waste in the world. We’ve tried and personally approved all of our products. Not only do we use them, our kids and husbands use them, along with our extended family and friends. (more)
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Plaine Products Q&A
Why did you start this brand?

Lindsey spent 10 years living and working in The Bahamas. There she saw first hand the consequences of our disposable lifestyle: plastic on the beach, in the ocean, and along the roads. After looking around her bathroom and realizing how much plastic she owned, she called her sister, Alison, and they started talking about how to change that, and how to make it easy for others to do the same.

What makes your brand unique?

Together we spent a year researching natural products until we found some whose quality amazed us while staying true to our rule of being chemical-free. We run all of our ingredients through the Environmental Working Group’s database to make sure they are safe and non-toxic.

What are your brand values?

Progress, Not Perfection • Collaborative • Inclusivity • Sustainability • Transparency • Empowerment • Justice

Face Wash - CitrusFace Wash - Citrus
Plaine Products
Face Wash - Citrus
Beauty Oil - SageBeauty Oil - Sage
Plaine Products
Beauty Oil - Sage
Hand Sanitizer - PeppermintHand Sanitizer - Peppermint
Plaine Products
Hand Sanitizer - Peppermint