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Pilates Ball ($14.00)

Core Disc ($14.00)

Resistance Band Set ($32.00)

New Year, Better You: Stronger, Healthier, Happier
Hello! My name is Alessandra. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a life-altering auto-immune disease. I was constantly tired and felt, overall, terrible. While no medications helped, the one thing that did was fitness and focusing on overall wellness. This meant eating whole foods, exercising, and making time for self-care. At the time, I had no access to gyms, and I couldn’t find quality and well-designed products for a home workout. I focused on equipment-free home workouts, and I discovered that pilates and a bit of cardio worked great for me. Eventually, I wanted to add low-impact equipment like a pilates ball, core sliders, and resistance bands. However, I couldn’t find products with the right features that I was excited to use. I decided to develop a plan for three products that I could use at home and that anyone could use. I wanted to inspire others with my story and offer quality, well-designed products that you will be excited to use. (more)
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Josella Q&A
Why did you start this brand?

I started Josella to help make exercise more straightforward and accessible for everyone.

What makes your brand unique?

My brand consists of high-quality products you can use at home, at the gym, or while traveling. These products have unique designs that make fitness more fun.

What are your brand values?

The Josella brand values are Wellness, Diversity, Quality, and Accessibility.

Pilates BallPilates Ball
Pilates Ball
Core DiscCore Disc
Core Disc
Resistance Band SetResistance Band Set
Resistance Band Set