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Acapulco Nail Wrap Set ($11.00)

Stanley Pop
My name is Jen Stanley, founder of Stanley Pop - Los Angeles. At Stanley Pop we bring fun, modern nail art designs to the nail wrap space, giving our customers an easy way to achieve the DIY mani of their dreams at home. I created Stanley Pop, because I loved the concept of nail polish wraps, but was not able to find designs that mirrored the nail art trends I was seeing on social media platforms. (more)
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Stanley Pop Q&A
Why did you start this brand?

I started Stanley Pop because I was seeing so many awesome nail art designs online, but had no idea how to find a good nail artist, nor did I want to spend the time going to the nail salon to get it (I was a new mom). So I started looking for nail wraps, but I didn’t like any of the designs, so I decided to create them myself and Stanley Pop was started.

What makes your brand unique?

Modern nail art designs.

What are your brand values?

Our products are non-toxic and cruelty free.

Acapulco Nail Wrap SetAcapulco Nail Wrap Set
Stanley Pop
Acapulco Nail Wrap Set
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