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We are on the mission to normalize smoking and to bring you the best high. Your smoking experience is personal and it depends on dosage, set, and setting. Retail packaging could not provide information about effects and tracking it on post-it notes can be messy. We built Stori to keep your stash safe, look great on display, and make it easier to track your strains and their effects on you. (more)
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Stori Q&A
Why did you start this brand?

It all started in 2018 when our co-founders, Karina and Afshin, embraced legalization by buying a variety of products to try. They quickly noticed that all these products came with excessive plastic packaging that neither looked good nor were suitable for long-term storage. They also quickly realized that different products work differently for every person depending on how much you take, how your body metabolizes, and whether you take it at home, or out at a party.

As Karina and Afshin set out to discover which products worked for them, they understood that keeping track of them all was nearly impossible. They came up with a solution, one that helps store your stash properly, tracks its effects, and looks beautiful.

Stori PairStori Pair
Stori Pair
Full StoriFull Stori
Full Stori
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Stori GrinderStori Grinder
Stori Grinder