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Taming Matte Cream ($12.99)

Hair Taming Wand ($10.99)

T is for Tame
Moms have a lot to worry about, and what they put in their babies’ hair shouldn’t be one of them. We create safe, effective hair products & accessories that work to tame flakes, frizz and everything in between.
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T is for Tame Q&A
Why did you start this brand?

My twins were blessed with a lot of hair, but boy was it messy! When I couldn't find a natural solution to tame it, I found a chemist to help me create a product using coconut oil and other natural ingredients. Now, we have started to tackle and perfect other baby hair care needs, like cradle cap. My philosophy? If I wouldn't use a product on my twins, I wouldn't ask you to use it on yours little ones.

What makes your brand unique?

T is for Tame is a play on words from popular books and songs about the alphabet. For example, B is usually for Baby. We created a new one, T is for Taming delicate little hair. We are the FIRST product that was specifically made for taming baby hair.

Taming Matte CreamTaming Matte Cream
T is for Tame
Taming Matte Cream
Hair Taming WandHair Taming Wand
T is for Tame
Hair Taming Wand