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The Anti-Anxiety Notebook ($38.00)

Therapy Notebooks
Therapy Notebooks exists so that more people have the awareness, support, and access to tools of change. We’re interested in broadening, accelerating, and translating mental health science into quality products. We’re a team of people interested in how the mind works. Guided by trust, empathy, impact, and empowerment, we live in the gap between what we know and what we do. As a result, our products are a collaboration between clinicians, researchers, writers, and designers—delivering the highest standard of clinical knowledge and human insight. (more)
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Therapy Notebooks Q&A
What makes your brand unique?

Our products deliver validated expert content around specific mental health challenges that many struggle with. This means we are informed by two key principles. First, our products are based on rigorous research and input from expert clinicians. Second, our products are designed with your emotions in mind. We want our guided experience to be soothing, personable, and helpful—without being overwhelming. We do this by creating products that are enjoyable and easy-to-use, educational, and accurate: grounded in the most up-to-date research.

What are your brand values?

We believe in living more connected lives. We believe a more empathic culture and mental health support system is critical.

The Anti-Anxiety NotebookThe Anti-Anxiety Notebook
Therapy Notebooks
The Anti-Anxiety Notebook