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Curl & Coil Balm ($30.00)

Wavy Blue
For Black men that make waves | The Curl & Coil Balm effortlessly hydrates your hair and beard
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Wavy Blue Q&A
Why did you start this brand?

We created Wavy Blue with one simple mission in mind: to give shine to Black men that make waves everyday, everywhere. We are driven to create products, services, and experiences that our people deeply deserve, and rather than waiting for others to do it for us, we’ve built Wavy Blue hand in hand with each of you. Above all else we care about illuminating the stories that haven’t been told and building products that help our community live a better life.

What are your brand values?

Our Mission: Give shine to Black men, everyday, everywhere

Curl & Coil BalmCurl & Coil Balm
Wavy Blue
Curl & Coil Balm